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Frequency Dependant Time-Scale Modification
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Author Frequency Dependant Time-Scale Modification
Not really sure if this should go here, or in the software section, but I made it myself, so DIY it is.

Ok, so, I'm currently working towards a PhD and I wanted to share something that I've been working on. I'm exploring and improving Time-Scale Modification (TSM) of audio, and as part of that wrote a paper at the end of last year about a 'new' audio effect that I developed.

Essentially, it allows for frequency regions to be time-scaled independently of one another. White noise bursts can sound like resonant band pass filter sweeps, drums can have double time hats with half time kick, etc.

I've put the source code and a precompiled application on my github at in the FDTSM folder. The application is Windows only, and requires the a MATLAB runtime library to be installed, but gives a graphic eq type interface for octave size bands to be scaled from 50-200%.

Hopefully the paper will go live online, but in the mean time, it's also on github.

I'm also slowly adding to the library of TSM methods, if you would prefer a standard method and don't mind getting dirty with MATLAB code (There's a free 30-day trial).

If you do try this out, let me know what your think of it, and what improvements could be made to it. Starting the time scaling somewhere other than the start of the file is high on the list. As is a GUI using a curve rather than sliders.
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