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LxD closest alternatives in the same price range
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Author LxD closest alternatives in the same price range
There's no LxD or Optomix these weeks. Will them back to the market? Or better to take a look at the alternative modules. I'm more interested in LxD and its alternatives. Menq Qi DPLPG or Doepfer A-101-2? What will I lose in sounds versality or tone palette if I buy one of these two modules comparing to the LxD preferences?
LxD appears to be in stock at Signal Sounds.
There’s a great lpg comparison video on YT that will give you an idea.
Often see both second hand too
I have the LxD, Optomix, Meng Qi, Takaab DLPG and the Doepfer 101-2.

The Meng Qi has a different sound to the LxD, the Takaab has very long decay on each output. Optomix sounds great, and has plenty of options. The Doepfer is a filter, vca and LPG, and is a lovely filter and fantastic value for the money. My favourite is probably the LxD, especially when you have the two lpgs linked in series as a vca.
The Junglechrist
The LxD has indeed something special to it that I like a lot even tho I have tons of lpgs (optomix, QMMG, Verbos ATC, Dynamix if it applies and a Dual Borg on sale). It very simple and sound good almost all the time.
The bottom section is very « sweet ».
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i love my LxD!
I have an Optomix mk1, and two Doepfer A101-2's.

The Doepfer unit is very flexible, As another posted noted, it can be a straight 12db low pass filter, or a VCA, or a LPG. So when you don't need a LPG, you have a spare VCA or filter. The Vactrols in my two are what I would call 'medium' length decay, whereas on my Optomix, one the two channel's Vactrols has a sort decay, and the other a longish one!

I don't think you would be disappointed with either unit.

I suggest (if possible) trying out low pass gate modules in your local shop, because there does seem to be a lot of variability in Vactrols - even between examples of the same model of LPG from the same manufacturer.
Just gimme an LxD with two 6dB sections already.
dumbledog wrote:
Just gimme an LxD with two 6dB sections already.

I want this as well
Yeah I love the 6dB section, so sweet.
Blicken Synths
Haven't tried the lxd but I'll second what everyone says about the A-101-2 being excellent. Using it a lot lately for both lpg and vca functions. I must try it out as a filter
There is a Pittsburgh lpg module as well, maybe only available used

And don’t forget mutable streams!
dumbledog wrote:
Just gimme an LxD with two 6dB sections already.

This is why I have two LxDs.
i traded a pule of unracked utilities for an odyssey last year but ive still got my lxd on the shelf taunting me to get another case
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