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Where to find Roland/Korg style toggle switches
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Author Where to find Roland/Korg style toggle switches
I'd love to get my hands on 2 or 3 position switches like those that were used on Roland Junos and SHs - I've also seen them on the TR909 for example. It's also more recently on the Korg monologue , for example: (see top right of picture)

(those knobs are nice too, if anyone has a source on that)

Other examples:
* gle-switch-2-position-/321946999701 (although this one has a particularly ugly lever)

I can find these if I google explicitly for "roland toggle switch", at ridiculous prices. I do not need a replacement part, I am merely interested in the _style_ of it. Does it have a particular name ?
Tear down 80's home hifi equipment? grin
Definitely something to keep an eye on if i ever get access to a recycling centre or something
I'm sure I got something similar from Mouser sometime - probably bought to check it out, but I think passed on to the local hackspace when I was tidying the workshop up. Sorry to not be able to help more but they certainly did exist somewhere like that - nice feeling switches.
I just crawled through element14 (australia) to no avail - @BugBrand let me know if you ever come across a receipt/email from mouser where this was mentioned, or if you happen to remember the name smile
Waldorf uses them as well.
Ah! I found something - think it was this (10TS003) but not available any more.. (ordered almost 10 years ago):::

Searching for DP3T and then checking the image search (nice new feature!) showed me this Apem one (might be the ones used on the Syncussion clone project?):
Apem MHS233K - but those are slide rather than toggle.
Have a look for Alco CST-023n - I've used a bunch of these on a project behind a 2mm panel, the toggle could be a bit longer but they feel great.
Haaa brilliant, thanks both! I'll get some of those and see what they feel like - might indeed be a bit short behind the 3mm panels I was planning to make.

Also found an old mailing list post that references the first you mentioned BugBrand - and that reminded me that, yes! at least in the 90s those were all over the place on DJ mixers, so maybe that'd be another source to salvage some smile
.. and by following that DJ mixer reference (pioneer djm600) i found a site that sell spare parts for it... 05-dsk1044.html

... it looks like it's just a regular mini switch with a big ole tube/pole on it!? What i'd really be after is the feel the Roland ones have - without the "click" the typical switches have... (or maybe not all switches have that click i think of and I need to learn how to differentiate them...)
I need to replace some on a Juno 6 one of these days. But it occurs to me that, good as they look, the operating levers are seriously weak. However, I don't think the old Roland ones operate like normal toggle switches although they appear to be to the user, but and are more like slide switches and can have more than 3 contacts per pole.
Someone on reddit just pointed me to this:

Which in turn leads me to this on aliexpress: ade-in-China-slide-switch/32716364893.html -- they look exactly the same that sells, for a fraction of the price. Of course I don't quite need 100 smile I'm not guessing there is some sort of thin threaded tube one can "screw" around these?

edit: ... and 10 with free shipping for $5. Nice ! witch-Double-Pole-50mA-3-Position-Metal-Toggke/32958319752.html?spm=21 14.10010108.1000014.1.34666b7bM6s4gR&gps-id=pcDetailBottomMoreOtherSel ler&scm=1007.13338.112236.000000000000000&scm_id=1007.13338.112236.000 000000000000&scm-url=1007.13338.112236.000000000000000&pvid=94c94023-8 e5c-432d-8bff-a92f222d02f7 f
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