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Sampler Trellis MiniMachine
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Author Sampler Trellis MiniMachine
Hey guys, i build this... little monster.
Its a sampler (pcb Beatsqueezer v1 google that smile ) and i added a adafruit trellis with an arduino to control it via midi (actually i bypassed all the midi circuit and added a voltage divider and soldered direct to stm rx port)

I have a few technical questions about the trellis and untz libraries (i`m not a good coder) Now it works like a mpc (push a button plays a note and i made custom banks and i can finger drum or smth)
I added/glued (cuz i didn't find locally with threads) those rotary encoders no push button, 12 pulses..and i cant get them the work. the value keeps decreasing (maybe noise from my power supply maybe the stepup from 3.7v to 6v)
And what other ideas should i try to implement to the code?

Picture file
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Music Tech DIY  
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