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Juno non working voice
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Author Juno non working voice
Hi! I had my 66 professionally installed on my 60 a couple years ago and it's been working perfectly. But I just moved and I'm guessing it got bumped in transport or something. Nothing major as theres no visible damage. But I lost a voice. The third voice won't sound no matter what I do. Everything else is working perfectly. I don't have an o scope to trace the problem and I'm not an expert, but I'm hoping that someone can point me to the right spot to look for a problem so I don't have to ship this thing across the country again. I'm assuming theres just a weak solder joint or something thats causing the issue. Thanks a bunch!
This may be a cold solder joint or similar. Given the fact that everything else is working, this is probably not Juno-66 related. I recommend to have this checked out by a synth tech:
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