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TSL vs DSL Panel Labelling of Slope - a query
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Author TSL vs DSL Panel Labelling of Slope - a query

I like for spme feng-shuey in my panels and i notice that the sample 1U panels for the superladders vary in that the Diode labeling is very vague and the Transistor is pretty specific - in decibels no less, when it comes to the Variable Slope control.

Build Doc suggests DSL centred position is near but not quite bandpass whilst the TSL has a line engraving for a specific position.
It probably is a while since the samples were posted, so

if I were to want to use the same slope control labelling of the TSL for the DSL would I be out of line ?

"Low and Steep" ? Nah ..not happy. Gentle and Steep hmmm..... but also pants. Gradual , Shallow seriously, i just don't get it Low Hi ? Dead Banana
The DSL has two modes - four pole and five pole. Both give different positions on the shape pot for the BP response. Since putting a line at the middle position would give the idea of a definite point that BP occurs it didn't make sense to do it with the rather unspecific DSL.

As for -6dB (one pole) and -24dB (four pole); the TSL has a well defined filter shape and the -6dB and -24dB pretty much explain what the filter slope does at low resonance. The DSL has a less steep initial slope and although it will tend to -24dB in the four pole mode it takes a relatively large frequency interval to get there. Hence the reason that four pole diode ladder filters are sometimes called -18dB filters since they sound more like a three pole low pass filter.

In five pole mode and set to 'steep' the DSL will tend to -30dB eventually. The four/five switch will also affect the 'low' response but in a rather complex way especially as resonance increases.

The nomenclature of the low/steep pot is something I struggled with. The TSL's -6dB and -24dB were easy and self explanatory - although not specifically correct once resonance is turned up. The Filtrex used Fizz for the -6dB output and Smooth for -24dB output. I was going to use Shallow and Steep for the DSL but the word 'shallow' was too big to fit on the panel.

Interesting. Thanks for the input. Maybe I could use small line engraving as a label. Or I'll just leave it as it is, and get on with ordering components.
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