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Faux Track and Hold?
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Author Faux Track and Hold?
I'm trying to patch a track and hold with a s&h and an A-150 but getting unexpected results.

I have:
1. sine->mult
mult1->s&h in
mult2->A-150 in#1
2. Square->mult
mult1->s&h trigger
mult2->A-150 cv in
3. s&h out->A-150 in#2

It seems to me that when the square goes high, the A-150 should switch to in#2 at the same time the s&h samples the voltage. What am I missing here pro wigglers?
Turns out the patch was good. My moogerfooger cp-251 s&h was the culprit.
From the manual: " Triggering occurs when the voltage
at the TRIG jack descends through the +1 volt nominal trigger threshold"
I've never heard of that. Any other s&h have this kind of behavior? Anyway, works fine when using the s&h on my Kinks
Wacky. I read this earlier in the day and thought maybe the trigger threshold of your s&h was higher than the gate you were sending it, but I wouldn't have guessed it was lower. Triggering on a descending voltage . . . go Moog! hihi Anyone know a reason why that would be desirable?
Given just the behaviour I would have said it was expecting an S-Trigger, but given what the manual says ("Triggering occurs when the voltage [...] descends through the +1 volt [...] threshold") I'm left scratching my head.

Is that one of the "red jacks" intended for use with an expression pedal? Moog has deleted the manual for the recommended EP-1 from their website, maybe using that would have made sense for the trigger.
It's also strange that it's the "1v threshold' as you'd expect a square to trigger. Does a square even "pass through" voltages on its way from high to low, or is it just high or low? In other words, is there any difference in saying that the s&h triggers when the square goes low?
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