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Other options like Soundmachines SD1 - drum sound module
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Author Other options like Soundmachines SD1 - drum sound module
Hello Muff-Masters

Just getting going with this and it’s already been amazing ( only have a Moog Mother 32 and recently learned how to get multiple voices out of it. Now I’m hooked but want something more impulsive )

I like the idea of noodling with the SD1 and Grids but want to see what else what out there in a compact drum sound module.

What are your thoughts on something simple in a drum sound mod or is the SD1 my best bet?


Trigger Riot is also appealing as well as Metropolis but I want to stay simple to begin with and have something I can make head bobbin beats with maybe a simple melody I can modify over the beats.
don't know the SD1, it would be nice if something like that was available with an option to upload your own samples, with 1-2 assignable cv inputs.

There are a few options, though. Delptronics has a tiny analogue drum module. Erica synth has a 3hp sample player. Also no need to stick to self-contained modules, with a selection of sound sources (an oscillator, noise) and a dual VCA/AD combo you are far more versatile.

Also worth looking at: the endorphines BLCK NOIR. It is not tiny and not that cheap, but imho more value for money than the SD1 and has some good effects and playability.

Otherwise, also look for non eurorack solution, i.e., that new volca drum or even an electribe2 sample can be synced to modular.
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