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Serge Paperface LEDs
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Author Serge Paperface LEDs
I'm planning to add LEDs to my 73-75 panels (which should arrive next week), but I figure this topic could apply to anyone with Paperface panels, or clones, or whatever.

These seem to be the most popular & obvious places to add LEDs:
- Sequencer stages
- Programmer stages
- Positive Slew main output
- Negative Slew main output
- Envelope main output

The Envelope Window output seems like it would be another good candidate for an LED, since it isn't always in sync with the main output, and also affects the Hold input.

The Triple Comparator outputs might be useful. Not so much for audio use, but for CV usage.

How about the other pulse outputs on the Positive and Negative Slews? Or the Envelope End output? I figure these could be fun, but they are always in sync with the other outputs, so probably not a big deal.

Curious to hear from folks with these era modules who can say what they think would benefit from LEDs, and from those who have modded theirs to say where else they wish they'd added LEDs, and what other added LEDs were pointless.
Don’t forget the SSG. LEDs for the smooth, stepped and coupler. It’s on one of the future 73-75 panels if they ever come out
jersupereq wrote:
Don’t forget the SSG.

Ah yes! That one skipped my brain last night...
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