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Yarns using digitakt MIDI clock -> not firing sequencer
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Author Yarns using digitakt MIDI clock -> not firing sequencer
Did a thorough search of the forums and read the manual, but still can't solve this:

I'm clocking Yarns from the Digitakt. Digitakt is set to send clock, pattern is running, BPM set to 80. No midi notes are being sent on any channel, just the MIDI clock itself.

Yarns is in 4M mode, and I intend to use all 4 channels as euclidian sequences so the Digitakt is just *clocking* the Yarns, and Yarns is doing all the sequencing.

Except... I can't get any of the channels' rhythms to fire.

- Digitakt is sending
- Yarns has all clock dividing/shenanigans turned to /1
- TEMPO is set to EXT
- patterns all have euclidian rhythms set up

What am I doing wrong? Does Yarns require a clock in the form of MIDI notes, thereby using up a channel? That doesn't seem right. Do i need to START yarns running on the clock, by holding the play button? I Tried that, it doesn't work.

Update: I've read through the manual again, and am trying this in 4T mode.

I do in fact get the MIDI clock OUT as the manual describes, which matches the digitakt properly and changes when I change tempo on that device.

So the issue is... how do I properly engage the euclidian sequencer on Yarns with external clocking? I've tried holding start/stop to latch the arpeggiator (in 4M and 4T mode), this doesn't work. I've tried just hitting start/stop, which SHOULD work (i believe?) but while that lets the MIDI clock thru start and stop, does not start the euclidian sequences on each part.

I must be missing something... it seems like this should be easy, core functionality but i just can't get that dang euclidian sequencer running off my external clock! :(
Update: if I clock the digitakt FROM the Yarns, with Yarns as the master clock, this works in 4M mode. It's finnicky though, and i really would rather have the digitakt be the master clock.

This way I can use all 4 channels as euclidian sequences, but the digitakt can't send any MIDI channels back. Ideally my use case is:

- clock Yarns from the digitakt in 4M mode
- have channel 1 of Yarns outputting a MIDI note and gate sequence from the digitakt (easy to do, can do this now)
- have the other 3 channels out of Yarns running the internal euclidian sequencer

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