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Any advice on Quantimator
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Author Any advice on Quantimator
Hi everyone! I am mostly an Ableton user and recently started to build my first 60hp eurorack. I am a beginner and have thousands of questions (and am enjoying loads of fun!). However, I have problem to start with my first quantizer, a new Toppobrillo Quantimator, and I would appreciate any advice.

I received the quantimator from perfect circuit recently and I found that the output sound is always distorted with noise even if the input is a clear tone. What I expect is a cleared tone output at a quantizered pitch but please correct me if I misunderstand. I have uploaded this unlisted video to demonstrate the issue:

Again, I am a total beginner of eurorack and it is possible that I am asking silly question. Please do not hesitate to correct me and give me hints to carry on. Much appreciated!
Quantisers don't quantise audio, they quantise CV thumbs up
The quantizer comes before your oscillator in the cv chain. It comes after the sequencer or whatever voltage you are controlling your oscillator with.
Highly recommend picking up the Patch and Tweak book. It's really well done and comprehensive - wish it was around was I first stared.

Welcome to Euro and good luck!
usual patch

CV (from LFO/Random/Noise/Sequencer) -> Quantimator -> Oscillator -> out*

In your case I would try to put one of the outputs of Pamela's in a LFO setting into the quantimator

thumbs up

You also found that if you put audio it makes different kinds of sounds too!

*out = output module or env+vca+filter perhaps!
Thank you all, your hints made me fly!!!

It is all new to me and yes, I should get more references like Patch and Tweak book.

I have now connected PNW to Quantimator and then Rings and of course it makes nice sounds! I already started to feel that PNW is a powerful module and it opens a lot of opportunity with it works with Quantimator.

Thank you again bros!
Just to share, I hv made some progress. here is my very first pattern with quantimator together with Rings and other modules. Thanks again e_sheet
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