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Noob looking for advice on modular vs semi.
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Author Noob looking for advice on modular vs semi.
Hi all.

New here, been lurking for a while. After a bit of time playing in Ableton and Max I’ve decided to bankrupt myself and move to hardware, and I’m looking for advice. My reasons I think are common - I spend all day in a screen and crave physical controls. The reason for modular, Eurorack specifically, are the amount of available modules, the seemingly simple plug and play compatibility, my small desk which requires me to build up and not across, and that I can start with a semi modular and when I want to add more install that into the case and get patching.

I think my initial needs are a very capable sequencer, some sort of ‘heart’ in terms of primary synth, a mixer, and the always discussed mass of VCAs. And some Pico drums because the look so much fun.

I love percussion and programming complex rhythms over simple melodic lines. My Drumbrute Impact gives me so much joy.

I want to use the Rackbrute 6U rack I think, anyone for any thoughts on the PSU in it?

My main question is if I should start with say an SV-1 and rack it later, or just buy an oscillator, filter etc and go direct into modular? I was also thinking about the 0-Coast as that makes some nice peculiar sounds but that can wait for a bit.

I’m aware this will spiral into chaos and no money. ;-)

Cheers all.
Hi! I was in the same situation few weeks ago. I started with the combo beatstep pro, neutron and 0-coast.
I played for 20 days with this setup having much fun but after that I sent back the 0-coast because my main goal was to build a modular setup and the the beatstep at the moment is very flexible at step sequencing, the neutron is such a great deal in terms of features for that price. 0-coast was actually the most intriguing instrument but for less money I got a handmade 6U powered case from ebay and a Maths.
After that I bought a secondhand Marbles, Plaits and Rings waiting for very convenient offers. My goal is to get a morphagene and build around that, but also having different flexible sound sources it's importnt to me...
At the moment I spent 1350€ and I have a lot to explore with this setup already!

Of course if you are interested in drums is maybe a bit different, this video from Knobs may help you... he plans a modular drum machine

The whole series i great if you haven't seen!
Try VCV rack first? Building a modular is a long, expensive road that may distract from what you are really looking for. Small setups can be very underwhelming if not completely optimized for your exact goals. However, if you're really ready to bankrupt yourself, forget semi-modular and just start buying whatever gets you fired-up on youtube!
I, too, started down this path. Twice, actually.

First time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and in the process of changing my vision a couple times, had an odd mish-mash of modules that didn’t do incredibly well together. I also had started my journey with the MicroBrute as a base, and while it is a good synth and a way to start, it is pretty limited by only haveing a few patch points. Money was also an issue. I didn’t have enough to properly get what I needed/wanted/was looking for. I ended up selling the modules I had and keeping the MicroBrute.

Fast forward to a couple months ago. I had been toying with the ideas of getting back into modular. The Behringer Neutron seemed like a good starting point. The combination of a couple oscialltors, inexpensive price and a large patchbay made it a pretty easy choice. I had previously considered the Mother 32 for the patching options, but the price was a bit more than I wanted to spend. I have since added a dozen modules or so to that one. My direction is much more focused, but I am still open to different ideas.

Something like a MiniBrute 2S would start you with a capable synth, lots of patching options, and powerful sequencer. You can add the case you were looking at to it and can add to it.

Have fun, make noises, and expect your bank account to be forever low if you decide to embark down this wire strewn road.
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