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[AVAILABLE] Klee 5U MOTM Panel PCB Project
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Author [AVAILABLE] Klee 5U MOTM Panel PCB Project
We're very pleased to announce the availability of a new panel PCB for the classic MOTM 5U Klee Sequencer.

Gratitude goes to the many involved in the creation of the Klee and its iterations-- Scott Stites and colleagues for the original Klee, the electro-music forum for early availability of the project, Tim Goslin (NV) for additional documentation and experience coming out of his euro Klee efforts, DJ Thomas White/Scott Deyo/Bridechamber for the MOTM panel design, Pete Hartman (Frogleg Synthesis) for the 5U panel PCb layout and testing, Brian Dunn for the extensive 5U Panel PCB testing and documenttion, and many others.

You'll need far fewer flying wires than the original 5U build required-- a few PCB interconnects, power, and the jack wiring. All of the switches, LEDs, pots solder directly to the panel PCB.

Yes, we have plans to offer a dotcom/MU version, the specific details of which are still being sorted out.

We are making the project available via our webstore, so you can buy full kits, panel+pcb set bundles, or just PCBs-- and as always, a portion of the sales goes to the E-M forum, consistent with the original spirit of the Klee project.

and of course feel free to use this thread for any build examples, comments, suggestions etc.

Klee 5U synthCube store listing

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