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FH-2 as device communication issue + screen glass
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Author FH-2 as device communication issue + screen glass
Hi, reposting in new topic as may have been missed.

I'm just getting in to my FH-2 (v1.5 firmware) and two issues...

1. Connection to host. I'm unable to either get the configuration tool working completely, or receive MIDI from DAW.

First attempt was from workstation Mac, which is on other end of room. Using an active USB3 repeater cable and a powered USB3 hub, I am able to connect to other USB devices from the Mac, and when I plug in the FH-2 to the hub the C icon comes up.

I can also see it as a device in Live and Audio MIDI Setup app. So far so good.

I open the configuration tool from local html file as advised, in latest Chrome, allow MIDI when prompted and the FH-2 is automatically selected for input/output. Web MIDI status shows OK. Great!

But I'm never able to actually get anything from it and doesn't appear to receive anything on C. The Send Msg button doesn't show anything on FH-2 screen. The Request FH-2 Version button only makes the request but never gets any output in right status box. Same with Upload from FH-2 button.

Also tried sending it MIDI from Live, but it's not receiving even though I can select it as an output.

Thinking my long cable and hub in between the Mac and module was issue, I went through all the same stuff with a Mac laptop connected directly to it via 3ft USB-C to C cable. Identical results - host sees it but no communication back from FH-2.

I am able to use the module as a host with a controller. The A port works and messages are flying.

2. I somehow managed to push on the displays protective glass and split it in two. Screen is fine... but have a lead on where I could get a replacement?

Thank you!

1) Really at a loss to explain that. There must be two way communication if it's showing up in Live as a device, but then why it wouldn't pass MIDI is a mystery. What macOS are the two macs running?

2) I could post you one, but I'm sure SF has some local laser cutting shops who could knock you one out. Email me if you want one posted.
Hi Os,

Sorry had to step away for a bit, but back now.

On the connection, both Macs are on 10.14.5 now, no change. I've briefly gotten the "C" connection indicator and then it goes away. At this point thinking something is up with the connector? How would I go about getting serviced or what are next steps?

On the screen... turns out I was blind and the glass is not cracked, it just came loose. Will see if I can glue back in place... depending on process for #1.

It could be the connector. Have you tried wiggling it/flipping the USB plug over? Not saying either are acceptable solutions but it would give us a clue.

If we think it needs to be repaired, best send it back to me, in which case email me.
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