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Bizmuth Chaotic Signal Router
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Author Bizmuth Chaotic Signal Router
medium Rob h/

Anybody using one of these? Can't find a proper manual, but the module is explained on the Error Instruments website. It seems straightforward, but it's also confusing:

"The module has three identical switches with three IO Jacks each: A, B and C. All operate according to the same four step connection sequence: A B C, A-B C, A-B-C, A B-C, and so on. A dash (-) indicates a connection"

every jack works as either an input and an output, i just don't quite understand how the switches (not a surface-mounted type of switch) work.

"All jacks are bi-directional, which means you can use them as inputs and outputs as well. For example, you can route a signal from the B IO jack to A, A and C, or just C, just like you can route two signals from A and/or C to B. Here you can see a simplified graphic from the switch sequence. In the actual sequence there are four times as many switch positions."

so, you wouldn't patch together two B jacks (on the same 'B' switch), for instance?

"Bizmuth has three preexisting connections also known as normalisations, which help you to realize more complex routing and to generate gates. All B IO jacks are normalised from top to bottom, and if a 16 pin power connector is plugged in, 5V is normalised to the top switches B IO jack. The actual gate out voltage is 4.8V

That means, that as long as you don’t plug a cable in a B IO jack, it will be connected to the B IO jack abowe [sic], or 5V if it’s the top one. Try leaving all B IOs empty and patch any A or C IO to a gate or trigger input! Turn the knob of the switch and notice the gates! A total of 6 gates can be generated if you use all A andC IOs."

Again, it's fairly straightforward, but I'm kinda confused. Better just start wiggling w/it, I s'pose
Yeah, it took me an hour to wrap my head around this thing when I looked at it a month ago and now I don't think I completely understood it all. I can't figure out why there wouldn't be a master output for each switch.
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