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Fh-2 and multing pitch voltage + FH-1 pitch bend setting
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Author Fh-2 and multing pitch voltage + FH-1 pitch bend setting
I feel dense but I haven't been able to figure this out in the web configuration utility.

I'm running 2 channels on the FH-2 for pitch, gate, aftertouch. I'd like to have a second pitch voltage for one of the channels, same as the first.

1: Pitch CV Ch1
2: Gate Ch1
3: Aftertouch Ch1
4: Aux Pitch CVCh1
5: Pitch CV Ch2
6: Gate Ch2
7: AT Ch2
8: Clock out

I've got everything happening right except for 4: Aux Pitch CV1.

Unrelatedly, I can set the FH-1 pitch bend to 12 semitones, but is there a way to make that setting "permanent" so that whenever I turn it off or on, I get 12 semitones? (or however many).

For the aux pitch, you'd need to use another MIDI/CV converter with only a pitch output. (Note: that will only work in firmware 1.5 or higher.)

For the pitch bend, save a configuration and then use the 'Startup configuration' setting.
Thank you! One question. I’m NOT using the Fh-2 connected to the FH-1. Is there a way to do that in the FH-1 utility? All I see if a setting for channel and CC for pitch bend depth, not an actual amount. Or should I somehow do that through the Fh-2 utility but can then detach?
I'm confused now. Are you using an FH-1 or an FH-2? or both?

Are you just looking for the transpose setting?
I use both, separately. For the FH-1, I’m looking for way to have a permanent setting of 12semitones max on pitch bend (rather than 2), rather than having to change it on power-up each time. Otherwise the defaults are great.
On the FH-1 the pitch bend depth is a setting (C-1) so it should always be saved when you change it.
Thank you!
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