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VCA's for modulating
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Author VCA's for modulating
Ton's of people advising to use VCA's to add more life into my patches. Somehow I can't translate the theory into practice. Are you willing to share some patching idea's in order to use my happy Nerding 3x VCA more effective?

My current rack:

An easy one would be to throw a subtle lfo from the maths into the cv in on your 3x vca. something kind of neat you could try would be to send an envelope in to your 1st input with whatever sound you want to use, then send that output to your 2nd input and modulate that as well. or Vice Versa. seriously, i just don't get it
You have a lot of inputs in your rack that could be modulated. You also have quite a few modulation sources (Stages, Maths, O_C, ...) The most direct way (without using a separate VCA) to patch this is to just go from an out on, say, Maths, to an input, say cutoff on the Wasp. Whatever you feed into the cutoff is the full voltage range coming out of the Maths, let's say at the most extreme going from fully open to fully closed. The next step in making this more subtle would to use some fixed attenuation in the path, either from the built in attenuation on the Maths channel, or the one on the Wasp. SO instead of going from fully open to fully closed, you go plus or minus a half a volt. You can also adjust this attenuation with your hand as you wish. The next step, and why VCAs are so useful, is if you put the VCA into the modulation path, the out from Maths to the in of the VCA, then the VCA out to the cutoff of the Wasp. Now you can modulate the CV in of the VCA with another source (another channel of Maths, or Stages, et, al,) which automates the amount of filter cutoff that goes into Wasp. And even more than that, you can modulate the amount that goes into the VCA cv in by another modulation source, and so on, ad infinitum. That is why they say you can never have too many VCAs. I hope that is clearish.
You can run an LFO (or any modulation source) through a VCA and have another LFO (or any other modulation source) modulate the amplitude of that first LFO.

Or if you are controlling your modular with MIDI, you could run your envelopes through a VCA and use velocity to change the amplitude of those envelopes.
WoW that’s all great and clear explanations. Gonkulator, thanks for the step by step explanation man!
Daduk wrote:
WoW that’s all great and clear explanations. Gonkulator, thanks for the step by step explanation man!

Cheers, happy to help.
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