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Fascinating story of sleng teng riddim & CasioMT40
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Author Fascinating story of sleng teng riddim & CasioMT40
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Beneath that beige plastic, however, the MT40 hid a secret. A "rock" preset that, once discovered, would reverberate in popular music for the next 30 years. The preset would become one of reggae's most famous "riddims," inspire many imitations and force the genre into the digital age. The story of the "sleng teng" riddim (as it is known) in reggae history is well documented, but its origins are based on myth. This is the real story of how Casio's MT40 became the most influential keyboard of its kind.

One of the coolest basslines ever apparently came from a preset on a Casio keyboard, programmed by a Japanese girl who was a reggae fan but actually based the preset on a line from a 70s British rock record... seriously, i just don't get it
Yup, great story (and still kinda apocryphal in its details). Many reggae riddims have weird backstories like this, but Sleng Teng is among the weirdest and most notorious...1985 changed everything for Jamaican music.
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