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Dovemans - 0 Sugar Chaotic Gate Creator | DIY | Now shipping
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Author Dovemans - 0 Sugar Chaotic Gate Creator | DIY | Now shipping

This might be of interest to some of you.

Created this module as an ode to Error Instruments - Hard Candy,
a NAND-gate circuit bent which on its own creates interesting rhythmic coherent pulses, various noise bursts and self-oscillated tones from its In/Outs.

Every jack socket can be an input or an output, (as it works passively and non-buffered).
Mix in signals, bend parts of the circuitry (by self-patching) or even plug in a cable to change the Chaotic Gate Creator's behavior.

It brings some great instability and uncertainty to a setup as it creates some unstable and dynamic pulses.
Yes, It definitely fluctuates in output level, (as it never was intended to create perfect and clear 5V gate signals).

- 8HP
- 10 mA on +12V
- Skiff friendly

Available as a really easy to build DIY-kit or assembled.

If you're interested, please comment or feel free to send me an e-mail through the contact page
See if it suits your modulargrid rack - Dovemans - 0 Sugar
Or If you're really interested and like to order check the Shop
If you have any trouble ordering from our webshop please send us an e-mail.
Here a video link: Dovemans - 0 sugar // A circuit bend with NAND gates.
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