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Is this do’able with a modular synth?
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Author Is this do’able with a modular synth?

I am very new to this mind expanding rabbit hole, hope it’s oknto ask this here.

Here is a song I would like to do something similar to: _radio=1

Anyway I was wondering if a song like this could be played completely on a modular setup ( likely with a few sequencers and sample players )? I like the idea of not having to deal with a computer to make music.

Am I off my rocker?

How would you go about creating something like that from scratch?

Any help is awesome!
Sure, it's possible. However, if you're going to focus on samples as a sound source and make rather simple compositions like the one you linked to then I'd say that it's unnecessarily complicated and expensive to use a modular system. To me modular shines when you are doing a bit more complex music and mix different sound sources, and I'm saying that even though I'm making rather simple music myself.

If I was hellbent on not using a computer and wanted to make that kind of music I'd go with some kind of sample playing groovebox. And a bass guitar. w00t
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