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Balanced Patchbays, DI Boxes, Ground Lift, Oh My!
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Author Balanced Patchbays, DI Boxes, Ground Lift, Oh My!
If I run a 10 ft unbalanced cable from my synth to my balanced patchbay (ART 48 point TRS), then a 10 foot balanced cable from the patchbay to the balanced input on my mixer (clarett 8pre), does this count in total as a 20 foot unbalanced connection or does the mixer maintain that 10 ft balanced connection with the patchbay even when the ultimate input source is unbalanced?

What I'm wondering is.. can I use the the patchbay as a sort of a makeshift DI box by mounting it next to my unbalanced synths so those unbalanced cable distances are short (thus minimizing noise/interference)? Or would I still need a DI box / ground lift solution?
The patchbay will not act as a "balanced receiver" it has no transformers or circuitry to handle it. For a better understanding of balanced connections have a read of this article:
20 foot... it's quite very few.

I recently tried to run an unbalanced connection accross at least like 8 cables of a 3m multicore thanks to the normalizing feature of my patchbay (so more than 24 meters ) into my Mackie 1640 and it sounded still very good nor more noisy at all.
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