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FX demos with synths
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Author FX demos with synths
When I shop around for FX, I get slightly frustrated about the ratio of demos with guitars compared to demos with synths. I want to know how that delay or reverb sounds with an analogue, not with a Stratocaster, dammit! smile

I thought maybe in this thread we could post good demos of effects boxes with synths. And maybe (if there is an interest for it) make it a sticky too.

Eventide Pitchfactor with SH-101

Strymon El Capistan with Juno 60:

Deluxe Memory Man with Minimoog:

Electro Harmonix Holiest Grail
this guitar stompbox is a must have for all synth user. I play guitar too, but don't like it at all like this !!!
stereo out, midi I/O all parameters on CC, and expression input... twisted
cathederal sucks !!!! SlayerBadger!

with cwejman S1
bypass when you hear only one channel
Last two minutes the S1 don't play anymore, just reverb tweaking.
another one

with machinedrum
Yay, great thread thumbs up

I have the same problem, listening to demo's with Guido and trying to imagine its a synth/drum machine.
Eventide Timefactor with Cwejman S1mk2, VCEQ-3, SPH-2.


I made this video, although you already have a Strymon El Capistan represented. If you only want "one per customer" let me know and I'll delete my post! thumbs up

Of course not, the more the merrier!
Boss DD3, Boss RE20, Diamond Memory Lane, Moogerfooger MF 104SD, EOWave Space Bug, OTO Bisquit (by cl516):

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