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Ableton's snap-to-grid behaviour....
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Author Ableton's snap-to-grid behaviour....
Panason a constant source of rage. Am I missing something in this painful GUI??

Even when I have snap-to-grid enabled in the menu, Live still allows me to move notes off the grid. Just. W.T.F. ???

Note movements will also snap to an “offset,” which is based on the original placement of the note relative to the grid. This is useful for preserving a groove or loose playing style that you do not necessarily want to “set straight.”

I guess this is the source of the problem. Is there a way to disable this behaviour? The point of editing is to set things straight more often than trying to "preserve a groove" using the friggin mouse not this shit again
I have problems with this, but this is mainly due to me pressing and holding CTRL or CMD users when copy and dragging something. It disables the snapping function.
I think it's such a useful feature, that it allows a note to snap to the original off beat position, I use that often.. And it only allows you to drag freely within the first beat.
Still snaps perfectly to the beats when dragging, unless you hold hold CMD
And if you want to quantize notes, just mark them and press CMD+U (CMD+SHIFT+U for quantize settings)
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