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One Year / One Doepfer A100 / 22hp left
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Author One Year / One Doepfer A100 / 22hp left
Here we are are! I celebrate my first year spent in contact with my infernal soft machine. It was an exciting, obsessive and surprising adventure. For the moment, I am quite happy with my purchases and I don't intend to stop there SlayerBadger!

Here is my current configuration :

I also have 3 unmounted kits : Din Sync OSC3032 + VCF303 + Befaco Rampage.

I've done a lot of research on each of my purchases and so far I'm quite happy. I use relatively little of my A-141-2 and my mutant brain (which is supposed to be controlled by an octatrack).

In the long term I would like to develop thematic boxes (one by one hihi ) :
- Small lunchboxes with exotic modules and controllers
- An effects box
- A drones box
- A drum machine that is drastically different from what I currently use (DSI Tempest / Roland TR-8s / Elektron Octatrack)
- A sampler toolbox that is drastically different from what I currently use (Octatrack / Mpc5000 / TR-8s)

That's why I tried to buy modules that could fit into these different categories.
My objective for this first year was to explore the modular as a whole and fill a first doepfer box A100LC9. Something that would be coming soon! Only 22hp left !

Muff, youtube but above all Patch & Tweak bring me new cards every day and I feel like I'm starting to be overwhelmed by this mass of information and possibilities. For example, the shapeshifter, the stages and the marbles are three rather obscure animals for me at the moment. I have to spend a lot more time on it. And I feel that I need to spend more time, not looking for modules but rather familiarizing myself with all these concepts far from my 10 years spent next to "classic" machines.

So this month, I'm going to finish this doepfer A100 and play a few months with it without buying new modules (it's going to be really hard). I'd like to master my first box already and then we'll see! Mastering = feel confortable with my actual modules and stopping discovering new concepts/functionalities twice a week...

What I was thinking for the 22hp left:
- add a second Shades to have 6 voices (transient+shapeshifter+disting+plaits+rings+nebuale=6 potential voices). But at the same time is it a good medium/long term solution knowing that I can use external equipment as well?
- add a second VCA module. An intellijel quad vca ? a second veils? a blinds? Is it a good idea ? I feel that 4 is not enough. What do you think ?
- for the remaining 4hp, add an Ears for a more fun control (the thing that is missing in my system compared to the objective of my boxes)

Having started as a self-taught person and without really thinking about the coherence of my project, there are certainly questionable choices, or even deficiencies, so don't hesitate to give me your general opinion!

Thank you for your expertise !

Shades, more VCAs and Ears - all good ideas. Not sure what Shades has to do with number of voices though... Mixers aren't just for mixing things at the end of the chain, they can be used anywhere in a patch to mix mod sources, feedback etc. and of course Shades can be used a 3 attenuators.
That's a decent sized system so more VCAs wouldn't be a bad idea. Finally Ears can pair quite well with Rings.
Whisper a terrible secret into the 22hp and then install blank panels. You will be free.
Also, Blinds would be a good choice. You can use it as a vca, a ring mod, a mixer, and to offset/attenuate/polarize.
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