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EuroScope mk2 Oscilloscope + Expander
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Author EuroScope mk2 Oscilloscope + Expander
Hi all
I designed new version for EuroScope.
EuroScope is eurorack conversion kit for Jyetech DSO150 Oscilloscope
DSO 150 is cheep (around 20$) single channel pocket oscilloscope with great value.
EuroScope conversion kit Includes 14hp panel and conversion board.

In version 2 I added better noise filtering and buffered output.
I also made 2hp Expander to work with the alternative firmware (Open DSO150)
the expander adds 3 additional digital inputs (to display gates, triggers and to trigger the scope display), trigger input for "OK" button and brings trigger led to front.

The conversion kit available as pcb&panel set at Pusherman (Expander here)
Or as assembled modules at my Etsy store.
(If anyones want assembled scope + expander, please pm me here)

GitHub of the project
I just completed building Euroscope V2 it is all running correctly but the output level is very low. Is there a way I can get it up to the level of the input?
You have error with your build, there is simple buffer and you should get the same level at the output.
check if tL072 installed correctly and if you used the correct resistors values (10M / 51R).
The resistor values are correct and I just tried swapping out the opamp but no change. Not sure what could have gone wrong really. It's pretty clearly laid out. very frustrating
If the TL072 was flipped it's probably damaged, replace it with new one.
Pay attention for orientation, pin 1 is the upper left side.
The opamp was in the right way. I swapped it anyway. It made no difference. Thanks for your help!
So you need to trubleshoot it...
If you have DMM, check all the solder points according to schematic.
Check for +/-12v at pins 1 & 8 and with contiueity meeter the solder points of the op amp.
Yes, I have DMM. The opamp is getting power and the opamp to jacks continuity is OK. I'm wondering if it's something with the signal normalizing..

I've bought the PCB+panels from Pusherman and the DSO150 from banggood, can't wait to receive it and start soldering grin

I have just a little question about the expander.
In order to flash the firmware, is it possible to use a cheaper version than the official ST-LINK V2 which worth 60 GBP?

There are a lot of cheap ST-Link v2 mini usb stick available on ebay, aliexpress or banggood. They seem to have the required pins 3.3V CLK GND DIO.

Will they do the job?

In theory, yes, the cheap ST-Link clones will usually do the job. But they don't always, and if you have trouble with the flashing you won't know if it's your fault or your hardware's fault, and that's why a lot of people recommend that you get an official ST-Link.

There's a cheap way to get an official ST-Link: Get one of the STM32 Discovery boards, like a STM32F0DISCOVERY. You can get that one for pretty cheap (I think it's about USD$10 from Mouser?), and it has a genuine ST-Link 2 built in to it for purposes of programming the board, but you can use it separately too (I think you just have to set a jumper or two the right way on the board and figure out which header pins you need to breakout to your target device).
Hi Joem,

Thanks for your answer smile

I'll try with the ST-Link v2 mini (was <2$) first and if it doesn't work, I'll buy a discovery board wink
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