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tIB - Hostages - an electro accoustic folk pop shift!
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Author tIB - Hostages - an electro accoustic folk pop shift!
I've spent a large part of the last year working on this - it's a complete direction change from my usual crumbly/angry modular based rambles...

An album of 11 (for the most part) three minute pop* songs. There's a buchla patch on most of these and some bug and serge on a few too but for the most part this is vocals, keys, guitar, harmonium and sometimes autoharp... Machinedrum and microphonic soundbox make the odd appearance as well.

Some of these songs go years back and were started in a completely different format and never finished. The rest were written during the the particularly strange and intrusive process of adoption that I hope is soon to come to and end. I don't expect to be round here much in the coming months...

I'd love for some listens and feedback on this since it's probably the most crafted bit of music I've ever made; they are all very simple but for better or worse they're completely mine - I played, programmed and sang every note, wrote the songs, mixed and mastered it... If you listen please let me know what you make of any aspect of it.

There's a player below though it only shows the first track - theres ten more after that. Meanwhile here's a link to the album page in full where it can be purchased too:

[bandcamp width=350 height=786 album=3169162885 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

Many thanks if you take the time Guinness ftw!

Coolio, I'll have a listen this evening.

Given your reference to adoption I have a vision of a social worker asking you if you have any hobbies, you looking shiftily at your feet saying "No" while kicking a patch cable under the sofa...

Awesome news if you are adopting. I was reference for my friends who were adopting and it was a humbling and joyfull experience. Good luck matey.
There's been a few moments like that... I've not enjoyed the process but it seems to be drawing towards something magnificent!
Surprising and refreshing! Thanks for sharing these peculiar tunes with us Guinness ftw!
You're welcome, thanks for checking them out! And I like that they are peculiar...
If you're at a loose end this weekend give this a whirl and let me know what you think... help
bump for an excellent release. we need more electronic folk.
Many thanks Richard! Guinness ftw!
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