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New WORNG Turing Machine expander (!?!)
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Author New WORNG Turing Machine expander (!?!)
This thing was shown off in prototype form at Superbooth, I think, and now it's on the Thonk website.

I've been thinking about getting a second Vactrol Mix because I love it so much, but now I'm leaning much more in this direction.

However, I'm a pretty die-hard PCB+Panel dude, so my question for WORNG or Thonk is whether there's going to be a PCB/Panel option instead of the full kit.

Also there's mention made of open-sourcing the design but I can't find a github or other repo anywhere. Anyone know where to look?

Also I'm a n00b so it has never been clear to me whether this forum supports @-mentioning other ppl or not, or how one would do that . . .
Stab Frenzy
Hi, it’s Morgan here from WORNG. Sorry I didn’t see this post earlier, I didn’t even realise these were finally available.

I believe there isn’t going to be a pcb & panel option available, all the boards I had made have the SMT parts presoldered and went to Thonk, and I believe they’re only selling them as kits. Regarding them being open source I was waiting til they were available from thonk before I released the files, I’ll get onto that soon.
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