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Blacet Power Expansion Board Limit?
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Author Blacet Power Expansion Board Limit?
Kendall Station
So I now have 2 rack of frac stuff powered by a power supply and on Blacet PSCONN2. Can I piggyback yet another PSCONN for a third rack?

what problems would this cause?
I'd check the power draw for all of your modules:

The general recommendation is 2 Fracs per PS500, if that's the power supply you're using.
You definitely don't have enough power in one supply to necessitate another power distribution board.
You will probably have unused connections on the distribution board if you are using all of those available on the power supply itself.

If you check the power specs of your modules it is likely that you'll have enough extra juice for a couple low power modules like splitters, mixers, scanners, or seq. switches.
You could build a 1u or 2u 19" rack to accomodate these.
I'm planning on doing a 2u with 2 Fonik Attenuverting Mixers and rehousing a Blacet Mixer Processor.
Frac rack ears are another place that you could squeeze out real estate for extra low power modules.

If you over-tax your supply then some of your modules are likely to malfunction until you put them on a separate supply.
This happened to me with the STG Gate Delay.
It refused to utter anything but the shortest delays until I gave it enough power.
Now it runs the full range of the pots.
I've heard that over-taxing VCOs will cause tuning instability.
For a higher power alternative to the PS500, the Sola SLD-15-3030-15T (Mouser part #663-sld15-3030-15t) is rated at 3 amps on both the +15 and -15V rails (equivalent to 6 PS500s!)

This is a linear supply (not switching) and has an extremely quiet DC output, specifically designed for noise sensitive applications (that's electrical output noise, not audible noise).

- Easily run 5 or 6 (or more) Frac racks worth of modules off a single PS.
- Cost is just a bit more than a single PS500

- Open frame, meaning you have to either enclose it yourself, buy the optional cover, or just be *very* careful when working around it.
- Using it above 85% of rated power requires some kind of active cooling (like a small fan).
- Mounting on back of a frac rack not as easy as a PS500.

On my Blacet setup, it's currently running 3 full racks of modules and works flawlessly.

Anyway, just another DIY option.

- Mike
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