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[Prototyping] Kassutronics Quantizer
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Author [Prototyping] Kassutronics Quantizer
This looks really cool. Especially like the ring formation and the two channels.

Will there be any scope for using scales other than equally tempered? It would be nice to have some non-standard tuning options, such that each of the 12 buttons could be microtuned via the software somehow.

I recently bought a Disting Mk4 to do quantizing and it's very flexible for scales - you can use Scala to create custom scales.

The other nice aspect of the Disting is it accepts bipolar CV inputs. I've read that most quantizers only respond to +ve CV. Is that the case with yours?

This quantizer will be equal tempered only, this was a choice I made early on and is now a hardware limitation. I think custom scales are more suitable for a module that has a screen like O&C, so that you can see and edit the tuning without having to hook up a computer.

My quantizer is bipolar, supporting +/- 5.3V range on the input and output.
I love the aesthetics of the module, but I hate to program ATMEGAS, would you offer programmed ones?

Miley Cyrus
Thanks! Yes, I will offer preprogrammed chips.
Looks fantastic cool
This project is slowly nearing completion. Almost all features have been implemented in software, and I started making the documentation. I also ordered a test front panel to see how it will come out. Compared to my other modules there is quite a bit more information on the panel so I want to see how that works out in real life.

This is also the first time I decided to write a user manual for a module. A first draft of the user manual can be downloaded here.
I have had the pleasure of provoking several modules from you: I am very curious ! Good luck and keep up the good work ! Cheers
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