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synthCube- new retail store and maker space outside Boston
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Author synthCube- new retail store and maker space outside Boston
All, we are delighted to share more details about our new modular synthesis retail store and maker space just outside of Boston, MA.

This will be YOUR synth shop- a place for synth enthusiasts, music professionals, curiosity seekers- anyone - to come touch, feel, play and experience the wide range of modular synthesizers available.
We will have modules, kits, parts, accessories, synth swag and panel/pcb sets available in the store -- eurorack, MOTM, dotcom/MU, 4U, frac-rack, vintage and ‘standalone’ formats. The shop will also serve as the ‘global headquarters’ for Music From Outer Space and MOTM DIY Analog Synthesis. We are working with many of our DIY-oriented synth maker partners to design and set up some very cool display and demo spaces to highlight their brands.

Plans are in the works for the occasional live synth performance, maker / DIY build workshops, special events, demo rigs, synth classes and more. We’ll be sharing more details about the shop as our plans are finalized. We hope to be open and operating by about April/May 2019.

FIRST ASK: Help us create a unique and special place devoted to modular synthesis. We are looking for great 'stuff' we can use to decorate the place with all things modular synth-- posters, advertisements, magazines, old build guides or instruction manuals, apparel, swag, un-used or un-loved synth modules and/or test equipment etc.. In short, if you have a stash of un-loved or un-used synth stuff taking up space, please consider sending it to us in Boston- we will give it a good home!

For any item we use to decorate the store with, we'll be attaching a small 'gift of' plaque/label-- so if you'd like to be recognized and remembered for your part in decorating the synthCube store, you'll have that opportunity. Contact us via PM or email to discuss further.

SECOND ASK: we are setting up a small 'media corner' with a couple of comfy chairs, a bookshelf and a video monitor. We would appreciate your suggestions as to the synth-related books we should have on that shelf. As of now we have the full Electronotes set, copies of Ray Wilson's MFOS book, etc, some CDs of synth-heavy music. What would YOU suggest we make available for people who want to browse and learn?

THIRD ASK: we are setting up a modular synthesis 'Wall of Fame' where will will be displaying individual biographical posters for people this group believes should be recognized for their contribution to modular synthesis. We want the list of people recognized on our Wall to be based on the broad opinions of people in this group-- not just based on our own limited view. Please reply to this thread with your suggestions/nominations or email us. Nominees can be living or deceased, active or retired. Yes, you can nominate yourself if you believe your work warrants it (Paul S: don't worry, you're already on the list, no need to nominate yourself we're not worthy we're not worthy )

THANK YOU ALL for your support- we hope to continue serving the synth community for a long time-- and we look forward to your suggestions as we take on this next adventure!
This is awesome! Guinness ftw!
Excellent! I'll be sure to visit next time I'm in the area (not often, but I was born and have family there, so it can happen).
YES! Let's give New York a run for it's money! It's peanut butter jelly time!
This is so cool! I think I have a decent pile of stuff I could send you that would be appropriate both for your decorations as well as your lounge area, I will PM you!
thank you thank you thank you

(to be honest, I was wondering when you'd get around to opening a retail outlet. Because,
among other things, I can ride my bicycle to your ship-from address with comfort.)

Now, if I can only stop the GAS....

- Bill
to great to hear!

as for the media center area, I think some choice modular artist CD's would be in order, couple that with a few bluerays running the usual modular and synth based documentaries.

maybe keep a curated youtube playlist of great modular talks

I can think of quite a few books to list. synthesizer cook book would be high on that list as well as mark vail's vintage synthesizer book.

as for wall of fame, moog, buchla, Carlos, Subotnic, Caini , derbeshire, Emerson, etc just to name a few to start with
Flux302 wrote:
as for wall of fame, moog, buchla, Carlos, Subotnic, Caini , derbeshire, Emerson, etc just to name a few to start with

Don't forget Isao Tomita and Larry Fast.
I wonder if it might be fun to organize it as a timeline around the upper walls, starting with
the Cahill Telharmonium (1897) and the Theremin (1928), the La Caine Sackbut (1940s),
the RCA Mark II (1957), the Moog Modular (AES 1964) and so on. (timescale doesn't need to be linear; pick the people and instruments you want and space them sorta
equally. Sorta. :-) )

Leon Theremin - preferably the shot where he's receiving the Stalin Medal (or a
photomontage with Stalin ghosted over the background).


Trautwein - ghost "The Birds" over the background. :-)

Alan R. Perlman, of ARP. I was going to say invite him to the grand opening, but he
died a month ago (Jan 5, 2019), down in Newton MA.


Roger Arrick (probably THE person responsible for the MU Revival, b/c he had a viable
business model to sell MU to the world at a price that "if you can afford a truck, you can
afford a synthesizer")

Dieter Doepfer (probably THE person responsible for the Rise of Eurorack, same pricing
model as Roger Arrick - that the average person can afford it! )

Vangelis (with Blade Runner ghosted over the back of it).
Eric the Red
If I’m ever in the Boston area, this is a must visit for me. Until then, I’ll continue to shop online.

Congratulations on your expansion!

For your media corner,you could do a lot worse than have some copies of Electronic Sound magazine hanging around. Not sure how widely available it is in the U.S.
thank you ALL for the awesome suggestions! We are very much aligned with the input on the media corner, the historical timeline etc--- our hope is that this is as much a synth gathering spot and museum as it is a store per se.... we'll keep sharing details here as we get things set up...

I am a long time online customer and it is always good to see an online retailer moving to a physical location.

Will visit if I ever find myself in Boston!

One suggestion: Offer some select high quality tools. I often go a Maker store in NY where I live and often end up buying some tools there, especially when I don't feel or have time to order them from TEquipment.
great suggestions! thank you!
Why couldn’t y’all have done this when I was in Boston for a few years...

Collins’ Handmade Electronic Music
Allen Strange’s Electronic Music: Systems, Techniques, Control
Mimms’ Engineering Notebooks
Patch and Tweak
CMOS Cookbook
Maybe some basic wood and metal working books
Laser cutter/ 3D printer
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