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Live sample and manipulation software?
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Author Live sample and manipulation software?
I'm looking for something like Steim's lisa/Rosa that can record live input and then be manipulated. I'm looking to have parameters for start and end points, single shot or loop, and direction and pitch manipulation. Parameters need to be able to be mapped to midi. It doesn't need to do much else apart from that. I can't seem to find anything, STEIM have RoSa but its kind of built for people that can code a bit. All I can find is full on samplers. It needs to be very instant to be able to use as part of an electro improvised piece. An AU or VST plugin would be perfect but standalone works as long as long as I can route it.

I would be grateful of any sugestions.
Ableton Live's Looper?

Interested in checking out the improv electro!
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