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Another Beginner, Looking to add to GrandMother for Ambient
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Author Another Beginner, Looking to add to GrandMother for Ambient
I am looking intently down the rabbit hole of modular.

I'm primarily a guitar player (electric, acoustic and pedal steel) but I play passable piano and became infatuated with the GM after an hour long first date at guitar center during a business trip in December.

Youtube helped me discover Ann Annie, r beny, Lightbath, Emily Sprague, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, etc. and now I am considering bank loans, second mortgages and plasma sales to fund this new exploration... Not really that drastic... But maybe.

As far as modular progress goes, I have VCV Rack downloaded and have been messing around in there, although I haven't quite gotten a usable (pleasing) sound just yet. I've also been playing around on modulargrid, assembling a selection of modules seen most frequently in the artists above patch notes on youtube. My rack's name is Se@sons

I am a passionate diy-er. I've built a large selection of guitar pedals from kits and tag-boards. I own and can use a breadboard, various multi-meters and several soldering irons. I have not started researching module kits on purpose, as I would like to have a handful of kits to seek out prior to digging into that world (knowing from past experience I can get carried away quickly when it comes to building electronics).

Goals? I'd like to dip my toes into modular for experimentation and hobby at first. Long-term, I would love to incorporate it into an experimental solo guitar indulgence/performance to confuse and irritate coffee shop patrons (in 2020 maybe) within a 100 mile or so radius of home... I have no lust for world domination left in my bones. I do have a regular weekly church gig, and it would be super cool to work in a rack there... Although that might be the end of the regularity of the gig.

So, to the point... Which modules might compliment the GM for generative/ambient/drone soundscapes? Generative and looping are priorities.

I know I'd like a 4ms tapographic delay and the Strymon Magneto for looping at some point. I also really like MI's rings and clouds from the demos I've seen. I like Pamela's New Workout and the Ornaments and Crime for sequence generation and randomization. I like Elements and Maths for general sound creation and manipulation. Maybe 3 sisters for filtering... I love how Annie uses the Mangrove to introduce harmonic content to his loops. Maybe a Spectral Multi-band Resonant Filter... Harmonaig... This is of coarse a (expensive) wish-list.

Thank you for your time if you've read this far, and much thanks for the patient and helpful responses I've read in other posts. Any advice or shared experience will be greatly appreciated.
There are quite a few threads on MW about supplementing the Moog euro synths. Using search, these were two recent ones that include grandmother but you can also look for DFAM and Mother-32 which may both be relevant:

Or just search for ambient or drone!

For DIY you could start with MFOS, Thonk and Synthcube. BTW, this is the euro subforum but there’s also the DIY subforum too:

Keep playing around on VCV Rack! I haven't made the jump into purchasing modular quite yet, but I'm in your position—I follow all the same artists and am this close to moving to an apartment with picture windows in Portland and just running a modular jam IG.

What I've done recently is try to pretend VCV rack is a real modular setup...use the same modules on every patch, just patch them differently. I copy a lot of the setups from artists I like on modular grid. Some you can't get (O&C wouldn't really make sense in VCV Rack) but most are available. You can have a lot of fun and make some great stuff without spending all that money!
Rex Coil 7
One thing about General MIDI is that some of the sounds are very bland.

Oh wait, by "GM" did you mean "Moog Grandmother"? I have a hard time keeping up with some folks' use (over use?) of initials.

poke Mr. Green

At least if you start off with a Grandmother you'll most likely not feel the need to trade it off or sell it should the synthesizer bug bite you solidly. It's expandable, and even in it's solo state it is a solid synth with a great deal of width and broad capability. It can be part of a performance synth collection, as well as part of a modular collection. It's muscular enough to produce pretty much an type of energetic sounds and/or music, and tender enough to produce even the most fragile musical expressions. It's a modest investment, as well.

If you appreciate the Moog sound (as it were) then you'll probably have no regrets should you purchase one.

seriously, i just don't get it
If you're just starting out, I think do-everything modules like Ornament and Crime might be somewhat overwhelming. You might try starting off with a somewhat simpler sequencer, if you're going to go the sequencer route. Many (most?) seem to love the Make Noise Rene 2.

I would also recommend Mutable Instrument Marbles if you're going to be doing generative stuff. A random module seems pretty important for that sort of approach and Marbles is great because it lets you get as random or not random as you'd like, which makes it incredibly useful in a lot of different ways.

If you're already going to have delays like Magneto and/or the 4ms Tapographic, rather than Clouds, you might try a module a little more focused on granular synthesis, like the QuBit Nebulae or the Make Noise Morphagene.

Enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole!
it sounds like you are attracted to time-based effects modules, which is fine, but you won't be able to utilize them to their fullest without additional CV manipulation and attenuation for the most part. So, if you want to get the 4ms or the magneto or clouds, get a maths or something like it as well.

a maths, uO_C and a second hand clouds would get you a long, long way. keep in mind that although clouds is no longer supported, its parasites modes change it into a looping delay, an erbe-verb and a rings (sort of).
Well, its not eurorack, but have you looked at the Infinite Jets pedal?

Some folks hate on clouds for being THE sound of ambient. Ignore them. Its a useful module that can do more than just smear the end of signal chain.
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