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Granular Synths: Granite/Quanta or The Mangle
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Author Granular Synths: Granite/Quanta or The Mangle
Hi all,

I've been using Grainspace to smear up my music in a live setting, though lately I've been intrigued by some of the granular synth plugins that use a sample based approach. Specifically Quanta, Granite, and The Mangle.

Will all three of these more or less perform the same function with comparable sound quality? The Mangle is clearly the cheapest of the bunch, and is somewhat of a "classic", but if Granite or Quanta have any defining features I should take in to account I'd definitely like to know. Thanks!
crawling wind
No support for Mangle. Pays yer money and takes yer chances.
Yeah I'm just gonna download the demo for each of them tonight and see which I like more. Definitely one of the nicer perks of the plugin market. I can report back with my findings in case it's helpful for future generations Om
have a look at CrusherX ...
Just checked CrusherX out...there is waay more happening in the UI than I prefer. What I like about Granite and Quanta is that they seem really clean and straightforward in comparison. Don't mean that as a knock, just not what I'm looking for.
SouvlakiPlaystation wrote:
Just checked CrusherX out...there is waay more happening in the UI than I prefer.

indeed, the UI is not intuitive...
The Grump
There are also a BUNCH of granular tools that people have built in Max4Live. Robert Henke's Granulator 2 is so far the most immediate fun and playable granular synth I've come across. If you're looking for something way out there, check out Kaivo.
crawling wind wrote:
No support for Mangle. Pays yer money and takes yer chances.

Or pay with paypal, ask for a refund, be ignored, get your money back, keep the synth...

Don't like to be that guy, but Soundguru has just turned into a scam these last years....

Granite is really nice btw !
grape tony
I love and use the mangle constantly. Its been heavily used on my last two albums, i use it live all the time. Sonically, its great and has a wonderful feature set. that said, it has No support, but again, i have no issues w/ it.

Robert Henke's Granulator 2 is also a good call.
Also endless things you can do in MAX if you wanna roll your own or take from existing patches but i'm sure you're all aware

Will have to look into granite and quanta!
Loopy C
One of the coolest features of Quanta is it's ability to recognize mp3's directly via drag and drop. This means your whole iTunes library is instantly available to granulate ;-)

It also has nice sounding filters...overall a very nice implementation and very stable.

Long time user of of the few granular synths that truly captures the fun factor of the original Reaktor classics...which makes sense as the developer was a well respected and favorite contributor to the Reaktor user library and well-liked paid offerings (James Walker-Hall). Also check out 'Vice' and 'Nuance'...good stuff smile

Crusher X is the Rolls Royce of granulizers, well suited for advanced applications (Surround Sound, etc)

Steinberg Padshop is unique, also some nice variations by Isotonik for M4L (Iota, Samsura,etc).

Of course Reaktor gives you access to a virtual cornucopia of variations...both included (Travelizer, Plasma, ScannerX, etc) and via the user library (Rick Scott/Rachmeil, Deiter Zobel, etc). All told, lifetimes worth!

I have tried so many over the years...each one tends to have a unique sound via unique concept and Google away and try them all!
UVI Falcon has the IRCAM granular algorithms.

You can also go with Padshop Pro or Halion. I am fed up with Steinberg’s install folder steucture, though.

Oh, also Audio Damage Quanta is pretty cool and easy to use. There is a relatively inexpensive iPad version, too.

Another edit: Granulizer 2. It is also easy to use and goes on sale frequently.
Here you can find some list of granular softwares/plugins/stuff, very nice (albeit a tad old) list.

Personally I love Granulator2 by Robert Henke. It has been my go-to synth for most of my drone/ambient stuff, it's so amazing and the fact that's m4l means you can expand its features with the whole range of m4l modulators (LFOs, Sequencers, etc). I was so excited when some months ago Robert asked on FB if anybody where interested on a updated version...

I tried The Mangle and it was nice but I couldn't make it fit my sound. More glitchy (smaller grains) than droney, so it never stuck with me.

Granite I liked it a little more but after a PC change I lost all my presets for it. Haven't really used it much since.

Lately I fell in love with Ppooll, it's not a granular software per se (more of a modular max-based improvisation platform) but it has some very nice granular modules that afaik aren't found in any other platform/synth/plugin. Expecially the "gg.rainer" module has given me a lot of satisfaction, it sound very very good to my ears. Been using it a lot more that Granulator2 in recent times. Also the platform is very undocumented but very nice, i'm liking it very much as opposed to the loop-based approach of Ableton Live that doesn't really suit my workflow.
im a fan of Granular synthesis and have used a few things including the robert henke tools,

last week i took a look at the demo of the audiodamage Quanta, it had some quite impressive presets but its actualy specific granular synth controls seemed a little limited for my personal tastes..

im sure it could be put to good use in some ways though.
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