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Nice older/analog cameras to use with video synths
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Author Nice older/analog cameras to use with video synths
I've started down the rabbit hole of video synthesis with a few pieces from Critter & Guitari, LZX, etc. Recently I found a beat-up Fairlight CVI too which is its own adventure. I'd like to find a couple of nice quality video cameras, something like 1990s analog professional lines to use with the equipment. I'd like to have tele lenses ideally and cameras that support RGB + sync as output or even sync input if that's possible. Any suggestions on what I should be looking for? I'm in NTSC land.
I can recommend the Panasonic WV-CP range of CCTV cameras. They don't all have sync, but many do. When used as B/W cams, they can give a really sharp image.

You may, depending on the model, need to wire up a small cable with a DC socket to the power terminals on the back of the camera. This is fortunately very easy to do! A suitable screwdriver and maybe scissors will do the job. The wire and socket assembly can be found on ebay etc. I like to tape these cables to the camera body to avoid accidental stress on the terminals.

Top right: Panasonic WV-CP484e
Foreground: Vista Protos EXview

Note: while both cameras above are PAL models, NTSC models are also available, but check the manuals before purchasing. You can find most of the manuals online. The ebay listing itself should tell you which format a camera uses.

Also note: a lot of cameras come without lenses, but these can easily be added. I use a variety of short focal lengths.

very cool thanks for the pictures and tips! i'm ok soldering up some power leads =)
BTW, I run my cameras off a 5A 12V power brick and an 8-way splitter. That should be enough for my collection of cameras. d'oh! I've yet to use them all at once, but I could. Protip: at some point, stop collecting cameras. lol
I found a Sony Handycam Video 8 CCD-TRV41 Steady Shot Cam in a dumpster recently. Sync (NTSC) immediately with my LZX Visual Cortex. They can be found on EBay for less than $50. Highly recommended!
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