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9 track ambient album. Cinematic.
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Author 9 track ambient album. Cinematic.
shredsickgnar -sea

Most of these tracks revolve around the Morphagene to create loops and evolving textures. Other than that I draw inspiration from Hainbach, r Beny, Ann Annie, and Lightbath. It's similar ish to them but not the same.

Stormlight is mostly DIY euro with heavy overdrive from Pittsburght stereo interface.
Interlude 1 A, B,& C are Morphagene loops made with a TX81z
Interlude 3A is with a '50s Gibson ES 125 Morphagene loop
Whiteout, and Shape are euro Morphagene loops.
Moog arp is pretty self explanatory
Pacific Texture is 100% Shuttle System and was made for their "life's a trip" contest.

Fog Door
Very nice, I really like this, especially Whiteout. I think its interesting that you didn't set out with the intention of creating this type of material, but the question is - what will you record next? More of the same? smile
These are nice pieces...always great to see guitar getting used!
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