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The next phase of my creative evolution
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Author The next phase of my creative evolution
Digital Larry
I got started with modular a year or two ago. At that time, I bought a Beatstep Pro and I was mostly making ditties where that device would specify all the rhythm and bass and melody if any and the modular was two synth voices (I have Braids, and Erica Pico VCO and Erica Polivoks VCO) and 4 sampled drum sounds (2 Erica Pico Drums).

I also have an Equation Composer which has a drum player patch but only recently did I get it to sync with the Beatstep. Now THAT opened up some new possibilities with multi-layering of percussion tracks.

I also have a V-Gates which I mostly use as a digital divider, and some outputs sync LFOs or trigger a drum sound out of the Pico Drum, or trigger an EG.

I also am starting to figure out how to use the "Ornament and Crime" module which I found pretty difficult at first. I think their documentation needs more pictures of waveforms and fewer fancy impressive terms like "Turing Machines" - just explain what the freaking thing does!

So with the Beatstep clock going to the V-Gates, and various divided things going elsewhere now to trigger sounds or sync LFOs, the whole sound now becomes synchronized on micro or macro scale. Sometime that is annoying, as when you have a crossfade synchronized to the same LFO driving the filter sweep, the sound gets too predictable and you never hear the other half of the sweep.

This has caused me to consider something like a Pamela's Workout as it seems like this would make it way easier to get relationships of 2:3 or 4:5 or whatever. You still have synchronization but the repetition length gets longer. Using a simple divider like the digital counting mode of the V-Gates only lets you arrange things in powers of two.

I could use some logic gates, like AND gates, to selectively mask out drum triggers so they don't go constantly. Seems like a lot of the creative process can turn into subtracting things, like selecting the pitches of a scale to play in O+C.

After playing a couple of wavetable VCOs (the Erica Pico and the WTBL mode of Braids) I am not so sure how expressive they are. If you sweep over a bunch of waveforms while you are playing, the result seems like kind of a robot barfing sound. Maybe there's a way to get a more subtle sound but I'm not looking to add another wavetable VCO to the rack.

Another challenge came up this week as I figured out how to use chain mode on the BSP. I can create an arrangement over there of different patterns which actually go through different chord changes. So now, the little melody being played by the O+C which sounds good on part A doesn't sound so great on part B.

While I think it would be possible to create some complex logical structure on the modular to follow this arrangement, it hardly seems worth the trouble. So I either figure out a way to deal with it in real time, or I can record it and come up with a different O+C pattern that would work better on part B.

I don't control how or when I get interested in making music. I'm highly motivated to record some songs I've written but I also like just goofing around twisting the effects knobs. This year I'm setting a goal to record at least 5 tunes.
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