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Meng Qi Hand - any support resources?
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Author Meng Qi Hand - any support resources?
Hi modulars -

I bought a Meng Qi Hand kit from ModularAddict. To be fair they advertised it as partial, and the pcb does have resistors values labeled on it. The kit came with the two panels, the Atmega chip, two resistors, two standoff posts, and a piezo membrane.

There are resistors on the pcb that have been presumably blacked out by sharpie.

Has anyone built one of these? Is there any BOM online or any instructions?

I get that some kits don't hold your hand through the building process but there seems to be no documentation at all....

Any input is appreciated love love love love love
I just built two, and they are both not quite working in exactly the same way... the CV out is pegged high no matter what I do.

What did you end up doing with the blacked out resistor spots? I left mine out.

I've done a fair amount of debugging with a friend, but without the schematic it's hard to figure anything out for sure.

thread bump!

I heard back from ModularAddict on this..

the two resistors blacked out need to be a 220k and 100k resistor. I have uploaded the build doc they sent me.

hope this helps you if you're still trying to figure it out. Loving this module already.
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