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So, who's using a modular in a band?
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Author So, who's using a modular in a band?
What's your experience like? What issues have there been and how have you overcome them? What advantages have you found?


Here's my story.

I've started, as part of a 3 piece where I usually play bass. My bandmates love it, but I'm not sure whether it's worth it in the end. I'm use a 3U 104 setup built around an Intellijel Atlantis, Warps and Echophon, plus a bunch of utility modules, controlled by a Linnstrument.

It's tonal music, with songs and stuff, not a free form drone improv.

The interface is unmatched and my ability to quickly adjust tones and make wild sounds is like night and day compared with a computer. It's much more in the moment. And I love that I can quickly tweak the timbre as I'm playing.

BUT, here are some of the issues:

--it's more sensitive to bad electricity, as I've discovered in our practice space
--I have to tune and calibrate VCOs, which also means 10 minutes of warmup (not always practical when playing with other bands and not playing first). Tuning is actually surprisingly fussy -- the fine tune is too sensitive.
--I use a piano sound on a couple tunes that bandmates are really invested in, so I need an iPhone or computer and the ES-8 to make it work, so that's a bunch more cables and ways for things to go wrong.
--greater possibilities for something to go wrong -- bad cables, connections, etc.
--obviously, no presets, but given that the rest of the time I play bass with mostly analog effects pedals, this isn't a big issue for me. I know my way around on the synth.

I've also wondered whether a hardware synth with DCOs (or an auto-tune feature in the OG meaning of auto-tune) but analog filters might be a decent compromise.

Would love to hear your thoughts.
Yo I'm not doing this regularly now, but I have used small modular rigs in bands before. I think you're doing brave and important work!

I played a really great set with a band where we did a bit of a Boris/Merzbow thing, so that was all noise and junk with a weird old DIY buchla-ish system.

I'm building my current Euro rig partly with a mind to use it live. It's much simpler than what you have going on, but I'm always the multi-instrumentalist so I couldn't manage a 3U system like that. I'm more likely to use it to manipulate other sound sources in a way that's complex and reactive.
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