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FH-2 vs. OP-Z (and elektron)
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Author FH-2 vs. OP-Z (and elektron)
Is anyone sending clock from FH-2 host port to OP-Z? The other way around is completely unusable. The OP-Z clock drops up to 35 bpm (from 110 bpm) when using the OP-Z sequencer.

Digitakt, model:samples, and I assume other boxes work fine as clock host or slave.
From TE support:

Try updating to the latest FH-2 firmware, they released a patch recently that is supposed to add better support for devices with composite USB descriptors (as the OP-Z has). We don't have the device ourselves so can't test it. If the latest firmware doesn't work with the FH-2 as host ask Expert Sleepers to add support, it's not something we can solve for them.

Fh-2 is currently on the latest 1.5.3 firmware. There's no problem forwarding clock from Bitwig -> FH-2 USB C -> OP-Z (Hosted on FH-2 USB A)

Is support for OP-Z planned?
What exactly is not working? Is the FH-2 not recognising the OP-Z as a device?
OP-Z is unable to receive clock directly from FH-2. OP-Z is an unstable master clock in my setup. Here are a few configs I've been testing:

Bitwig (master clock) -> FH-2 USB C -> OP-Z (Hosted on FH-2 USB A) - Good
FH-2 (master clock) -> Elektron Model:Samples (Hosted on FH-2 USB A) - Good
FH-2 (master clock) -> OP-Z (Hosted on FH-2 USB A) - No clock received on OP-Z

It would be ideal to remove the computer from the setup.
This has to be TE's problem, surely. The FH-2 is clearly sending clock, since the Elektron is receiving it OK.
Yeah, I don't know, maybe these "composite USB descriptors" have something to do with it. I wish I new more. Strange that the clock (and transport) forwarded from Bitwig works without issue.

Maybe I should ask them to elaborate.
I think they've misunderstood the problem. The "composite USB descriptors" problem would result in the FH-2 not seeing the OP-Z at all. But it clearly does, as it can forward to it from Bitwig.

The problem is that the OP-Z is not responding to USB MIDI clock, which works when sent to other devices.
I'll bounce back to TE and update here shortly.
I really don't know where to go from here. Would be great to get the bottom of this. I'll ping cats on the the other gear forum to see if anyone can send clock to OP-Z over another usb midi host like the Kenton.

seriously, i just don't get it

From TE:


There shouldn't be issues with running the OP-Z as clock slave over USB MIDI that we're currently aware of. I'm running it from Ableton Live over USB MIDI right now and that works fine. When it comes to the FH-2 specifically it's hard to say what your problem is without having one to test with, or at least logs from both devices to be able to tell what's happening under the hood. It seems especially strange if it's only a problem when the FH-2 is clock master and not when Bitwig is the clock master unless there's some configuration in the FH-2 that would explain it. If the FH-2 is the USB host (which it should be if you connect the OP-Z in the USB A port) then Expert Sleepers should be able to provide more insight about possible reasons. The only thing that comes to mind for the OP-Z is if it's configured to not receive midi clock, but you say that's not the case. Other typical reasons for USB problems can be bad connectors/adapters or high current draw. Or if devices aren't class compliant. Try the USB C port instead and see if that makes a difference? I'm assuming connecting the OP-Z directly to Bitwig works?

The composite USB descriptors thing is just a technicality in how devices present themselves over USB and it looked like the FH-2 didn't support them in earlier firmwares which could have been a reason that the FH-2 wouldn't be able to connect to the OP-Z at all.

I'm sorry to say that I can't really help you at this moment more than from what I can tell it should work if both devices are properly configured.

-End Quote-

Dead Banana
I'm perfectly happy to lend TE an FH-2 if they'd like one. They know where I am! They've had an FH-1 off me in the past.

Likewise I'd be happy to do some testing myself if they'd send me an OP-Z.
Very cool os!

I'll send the thread (and your offer) along to them.

I've also opened up a new thread to see if someone can send midi clock through a Kenton to the OP-Z

Request - send midi clock from USB host (Kenton?) to OP-Z
Has anyone had luck sending clock from modular to OP-1 with the FH-2?
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