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VCO Octave Board
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Author VCO Octave Board
Hi to all. I've been gradually building up an exclusively Oakley system for about a year now and really enjoying the builds and the modules.
I currently have two VCOs and two SVCO-Bs, which are awesome. I also have a VC-LFO (also awesome).
I particularly like the convenience of the octave switching and LEDs on the SVCO.
My question is, and I wonder if anyone else has thought of this idea, would it be possible to fit an octave pcb with LEDs to a 2U VCO.
This would obviously need a bit of front panel re-designing and some fly wires.
The VCO has the 10v and the octave board has its own 5v.
Have you (Tony) ever considered this?
Has (all) anyone tried it?
I think it would be a really cool and neat addition. There have been other threads here regarding octave switching of a 2U VCO using a rotary switch and precision resistor chains but I really like the ease of the SVCO-B.
Just an idea. Whad'ya reckon.
Cheers. Tom.
I once made a simple octave switching veroboard for one of my Oakley VCOs. I used a lit of multiturn trimmers. Still works fine.
I am not sure you can use the SVCO switching boards for the big VCOs, but Tony would have to answer that.
Another option would be to build or buy an octaveswitching module.
A couple of problems I see with this - not insurmountable with a bit of hacking though.

1. You'd need to add a V/oct trim for the OCT_CV output as the VCO main board doesn't have one. On VCO main board issues older than iss 7 you could actually trim the 10V to get the desired response however.

2. The LFO function will probably not work that well. The VCO core on the big VCO is different to that on the SVCO which was designed to go to low frequencies. The big VCO doesn't really go that low - it will function a an LFO but down to what frequency I don't know. You'd have to play with R14 and R18 on the Octave board to get a workable solution to this.

The LED/switch system on the SVCO was actually a compromise design from the rotary or, my favourite, push button (Polyfusion VCO) UI. There was just no room on a single width module to put an octave switch with a large range so the inc/dec LED/switch option was my chosen solution. That said, in practice it works quite well, certainly as good as a rotary switch. It's only downside is that it doesn't remember its place when the modular is powered down.

Thanks for your insight.
Sounds like more hassle than it's worth I think.


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