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clock/trigger DAW sequencer with v-trig (from Boss DR110)?
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Author clock/trigger DAW sequencer with v-trig (from Boss DR110)?
I have a Boss DR110 drum machine. I would like to interface the Boss with my DAW/software sequencer and have some tracks being clocked/triggered by the Boss's v-trig so that everything is nicely synced to the beat. Is there a fairly easy way to accomplish this?
I clock out my dr110 to sync in on my beatstep pro. It works. Now that means you need something similar, something with sync in- midi out....
That won't necessarily work with all pieces of gear having these connectors. I tried that with my Tom Cat and it doesn't send out MIDI clock if you sync it to pulse. It will send out the MIDI notes of the sequencer though.

I know there are other pieces of gear which behave like this, you might have to check forums as well because I'm not sure this is always in the manual.
In Pure Data you could send the trigger into an audio input on the soundcard, and use the [threshold~] object to generate a clock; only thing is that Pd doesn’t have anywat of sending midi clock out of it, so you couldn’t sync other DAWs to it. But it is a way of syncing software sequencers from triggers and gates.
That was one way I was thinking of, like hook the accent trigger out to mic in and have that trigger the tracks. Haven't tried that yet tho. Got a lot of gear lately and am trying to figure out the midi routings hmmm..... can someone recommend a good foss/Linux based sequencer that can work with this setup without too much hassle?
not quite the same, but when I used to use Sonar a lot I also had a few junky old 80''s drum machines like the Synsonics drums. I'd build a whole song around the Synsonics by recording one track of it and using Sonar's tempo mapping feature to detect the tempo.
Sonar would want to make a really detailed, very jumpy tempo map, but I'd just simplify that to be close enough.
Then I'd clock my (at the time) crappy synths and virtual instruments off of that tempo.
I kind of like how the results ended up being more organic without sounding heinously bad or anything. Makes me wonder what some people are talking about with 'rock solid timing' and 'bad timing'. Most machines are much better time keepers than us organic creatures. I dispute that they can hear the difference!

About that same time period when I played out I'd often use a Moog MP201 to sync my din sync gear and my midi gear. Though sometimes I'd just clock my whole rig from a square wave LFO.
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