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Pendulum Ratchet Problem - Please Help
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Author Pendulum Ratchet Problem - Please Help
Hi There!

Just bought a P/R off of the BST section a month back. The module works perfectly, except when it is receiving sync.

When the P/R is master, the ratchet section with clock divide as expected when the pulse input is coming from the "tick" pulse output.

However, when P/R is sync'd, the ratchet section no longer clock divides but rather spits out the incoming pulse signal on all divided outputs.

I've made a video to show the problem [hopefully clearly]

I would welcome any info as I'm new to this module and I know its been out for a very long time.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I suspect the firmware version is 1.02. If there's a simple way to update the firmware, that would also be much appreciated!
I don't own either of the modules involved here but a few things:

Is there any reason why you're using the ref out from the 247v rather than pulse? Ref is a sawtooth oscillator, not a standard sync clock pulse. Have you tried the Ratchet section with with other red pulse outs like the end pulse of a 281 stage?

and from the P/R manual:

In fact all the pulse inputs can be clocked from just about any CV source. There is a comparator on
the inputs which will "snap" whenever the voltage crosses a threshold. This threshold is set on the
"Thresh 1" trimmer (VR1), and comes set to 7.5 volts. This trimmer is one of two on the back of the

Depending on a combination of the sawtooth and how the trimmer is set, the Ratchet (clock divider) section may not be happy with the pulse width that's coming out of the comparator. If you raise the threshold it should hopefully work properly.
Thanks so much for the reply!

Yeah, there really isn't a reason I chose the ref out. I assumed, incorrectly,that it was a clock ref.

Adjusting the VR1 trimmer sadly made no difference. Either it wouldn't recognize pulse inputs or it would behave just as erratically.

I've posted another video that's hopefully clearer

-Pulse output from 252e - > Ratchet ..... clock divider happy
-Pulse output from 252e -> Pendulum Sync -> Ratchet ..... not happy
-Pulse output from 252e -> Pendulum Sync and separate 247v pulse into Ratchet… not happy

Any intel would be much appreciated!

I always put the pulse out directly into the "Ratchet" input. That worked for me.

From the Pendulum/Ratchet page:

"Transport controls
These do the obvious things to the clock. Sync does one non-obvious thing, though. In addition to syncing the clock, it also resets all the divisors."

I guess the 247V is constantly resets the divisors?

Probably someone else has some more information!
I having the same behavior here, As long as I know, and as Chris told me some time ago, sync input is only to Reset pulses, is not conceived as a Slave input, for that just use the Ratchet input.

Hope this helps
Thanks for checking Leoespejo!

Its very much appreciated. Perhaps I'm trying to do something the module isn't intended to do then.

Just curious, did you ever update the firmware? Was it something you had to send the module in for or was it a file upload kind of thing?

Anyone using a Pendulum/Ratchet with Midi?
I try to use it with a MUC-810 and going into the Ratchet input works, but gives me a slight delay and everything is slightly out of sync.
Changing jumper 7 and going with a pulse to the Stop AND Run inputs leads to the same problem.


MUC-810 Pulse > 281 Channel A
MUC-810 Pulse > Ratchet > 281 Channel A
Out of Sync

MUC-810 Pulse 1 > 281 Channel A
MUC-810 Pulse 2 > 281 Channel A
Perfectly in Sync

Maybe adjusting the trimmer at the back would help. Anyone has experience with it?
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