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Paia price question...
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Author Paia price question...
Trying to find out from a friend of mine what his Paia system might be worth... Any help would be great... here is the info...

Its been fully restored with proper PSU and rails...

Paia 4700 Series

3x 4720 VCO’s
1x 4712 Reverb
1x 4780 Sequencer
2x 4710 Balanced Modulators
3x 4770 Watt Blocks(2x 9v, 1x 18v)
1x 4761 Wing
1x 4730 VCF
2x 4740 Envelope Generators
1x 4711 4/2 Mixer
1x Control Oscillator(I think this is a 2700 series module, not sure on the model number)

Includes the keyboard
Assuming it has the black tolex-like road cases, that sounds like the 4700/S kit, which sold for $499 in 1976.

The correct answer (but not too helpful for you) is that the gear is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

The inclusion of the 2720-5 control oscillator in this package is correct.

Does this friend just want to insure it, or sell it? Sell it quickly, or want top dollar?

A recent 2720 system (orange case, keyboard, etc) listed at $500 on Ebay and the buyer accepted $175.

A PAIA 9700 system sold on Ebay for $228

I will foolishly hazard a guess: $400-$500, tops, on Ebay. You may possibly get more by selling individual modules. Maybe. Someone may be willing to splurge to add an additional oscillator or sequencer to their existing system, but the potential audience of buyers who want a complete system may be lower.

IMO, there are Paia gear that are painted magenta, or vastly overpriced DIY stuff, that have sat on Ebay for over a decade, despite the so-called pedigreed lineage of the unspecified previous owner, or the seller boasting about their company's greatness ("we only use this Ebay ad to drive traffic to our website"), none of which justifies the high prices. The market has spoken, and said "no" to these guys.
Thanks for the info really appreciate it... thumbs up

Friend wants to sell and is patient... I know he put hours and hours in to refurb it and bring it up to spec...
If he's put all that love into it, maybe he should make music with it. It may be worth more to him than a stranger.

That said, I drooled over the Paia catalogs for years when I was in high school (a VERY long time ago). If I had the money, space, and (most of all) singlehood, I'd jump on it.
I've seen these systems sell for anywhere between 50$ and 250$, and I suspect they've gone for a bit higher, but not much. The problem with old relatively undesirable gear like this is that the time and effort one might have made to make it fully functional is worth basically nothing to most prospective buyers. Although it might make the difference between a 50$ sale and a 250$ sale.
Thanks sduck yeah makes sense... I passed on the info to him... thanks again for the advice...
A lot of the attraction of old Paia gear is in refurbing and tinkering with it.

No one really buys it as an alternative to another synth.

As far as value, untouched they go in the 300-500 dollar range depending on condition of the panels, tolex, etc.

A restoration value might be a bit more depending on how well it was done. These need the power supplies recapped and sometimes regulated, often need all op amps replaced, often lots of caps replaced. The jacks need to be cleaned or swapped for new. The rotary pots almost always just need to be replaced.

But all that wouldn't add much value, since most buyers are looking to do that themselves.
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