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Lzx staircase
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Author Lzx staircase
So, I've taken the plunge and picked up my first couple of LZX modules. I don't have a Prismatic Ray or Staircase yet. My intent is to use an LZX system mostly for processing video signals generated elsewhere. For the sake of arguement, and not to let the cat out of the bag, we'll say my external sources are dvd players. I don't see alot of such videos on youtube for this sort of thing.

Here comes my question... I'd like to know what a "normal video signal" looks like when run through the staircase module. So like what happens if we take the luma signal from a camera or dvd player and send it to the Staircase and multiply it? Can anyone here make a short video clip to educate me? Thanks.
tip: ask this question on the LZX community forum. there is much more activity there!

but maybe soneone here can help too, who knows!

I don't have the staircase, so I don't know. My guess is , the same as with shapes, but more complex and adjustable on countours of the video image.
like this: sXQkC-Bh5yloV
Agawell hid=15wddyonnoy10
Quad instagram post
4 is the original b&w image into vc with some repatvhing but v late so there you go
Its a road trip in norway
1/2/3 are all via staircase 1 and 2 are modulated with stages (basic decay envelopes) 3 is just by hand i think
Awesome, thanks! The other videos I had seen previously obviously had some other things going on, but this is great, just what I wanted to see.
If you check my instagram feed for videos after that I uploaded some with just staircase processing ramps from VC (with modulation from 'audio' eurorack modules)

useful to see what else staircase can do - there's a reason I would quite happily get another!!!
Lars has often said that the Staircase is the best bang for your buck out of all the Expedition modules.
he's also said that it's one of the best to get multiples of
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