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Frac mounting rails query
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Author Frac mounting rails query
Hello people - got a question for ya. You know those u-shaped channel rails for mounting modules in a 19" rack, that you attach flat rack ears to the ends? Does anyone know where to find these? Someone gave me a few with some taken-apart Paia enclosures, but I need some more for two four-panel cases. I guess I could try to find some of the stock material and try to drill and tap all the holes in a precise way, but was hoping to find them. I've made some of the flat rack ears out of aluminum. I asked Paia, but they only sell the complete enclosures and don't want to part them out, which is understandable. Any ideas would be appreciated, my frac setup is undergoing a real growth spurt
Blacet makes these but they come in a two tier bare rak. You would need two of these to get a four tier rak.
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