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Dynacord DRP 20 Midi problem
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Author Dynacord DRP 20 Midi problem
Hi all!
I'm an owner of a white faced Dynacord DRP 20 with Firmware version 2.2. I'ts a great vintage reverb with a big sound and I'm using it mostly for real time synthesizer performaces. Because of this I recently started looking up its Midi capabilities and to my dissapointment there seems to several Midi-parameters missing in the menus.
I have read the manuals and googled but it's hard to find any relevant information because of this box age and rarity.
I know there are some of you who own the DRP 20 here so I give it a try to ask if any of you know anything about this issues.

When pushing the MIDI button on the fronpanel I only get access to two parameters; "MIDI-CONTROL" and "MIDI TO DRP CONV.".
The same happens when pushing the MIDI button in PARAM mode. I can't find any options to map any effects parameters at all.

In MIDI MONITOR mode I can see that the DRP20 recieves Midi signals but I cant get it to affect anything.

To me it seems like there are options missing that should be there according to the manual. How could this be? Bad memory? Old firmware?

Any help is highly appreciated!

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