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Vintage Flanger effects pedal
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Author Vintage Flanger effects pedal
So I found some SAD512D chips that I had forgotten about that had been reclaimed from a Klark Teknik DN34. Awesome I thought. But how do I know they work? So I built a slightly modified clone of my favourite flanger, the Boss BF-1, that was repurposed to take either a SAD512D or the original SAD1024. Flanger's are an excellent way of checking behaviour of BBDs since problems with insertion loss and age related noise are easily heard.

It fits nicely in a Hammond 1590XX case - although, as you can see, I spared no expense with my no frills Dymo labelling.

If you do have a spare SAD1024 knocking around and are wondering what to do with it I have made the PCB available to purchase.

The project documentation is not quite complete. I have yet to add the calibration section and will do so in the next week or two. It is, however, the same as the BF-1.

If you don't have any SAD1024 or SAD512D then it'll probably not be worthwhile building this unit. I prefer the sound of the unit when built with the SAD1024.

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