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Triggering MC-202 from TR-626
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Author Triggering MC-202 from TR-626
I have a modded MC-202 with a Midi in, but I like it's wierd sequencer and noticed that my TR-626 has a trigger out. Is it somehow possible to advance the sequencer steps with the Trigger out of the 626?

I've read that the MC202 has very laggy gate cv Input, but maybe that's not an issue if one just wants to advanced the sequencer? But not sure this is even possible smile
AFAIK the sequencer can only be clocked internally or via dinsync (or potentially midi clock in you case). The cv/gate input can only control the pitch and envelope, but is routed through the sequencer first for entering notes, hence the sluggish responce. It’s been a few years since I had one so I may be wrong.
No there is a way to trigger notes from external trigger in the MEMORY LOAD / SYNC IN jack. There is a button combo to do in order it to be sensitive to this. Read the manual, I think that's where there's an example connected to a 909.
thanks, thought it's maybe possible since it can be done on the 101 with the 707.
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