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Befaco Kickall trigger sensitivity question
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Author Befaco Kickall trigger sensitivity question
I just built the Kickall, and have realized a frustrating aspect of it's functionality. The intensity of the output signal is affected by the trigger voltage, good for some people I'm sure, but not great as I intend to use it. My Grids and SWT16 both put out a seemingly weak trigger voltage, and the Kickall is pretty weak sounding. I run the triggers through my Befaco dual attenuverter, but adding an offset to the signal only improves it a little bit.

Is there a possible resistor value substitution anyone might suggest that I could try swapping out? I'm hoping to diminish the influence on the output amplitude due to the voltage of the trigger. I'm down to try anything (and I'm not married to my idea as a viable solution), but my understanding of circuit theory is not strong enough to swing it myself.

Here is the Kickall schematic

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks! seriously, i just don't get it

I know there has got to be a simple solution out there, with the wealth of expertise in this forum, can someone help a brotha out? we're not worthy
ambrohski wrote:

I know there has got to be a simple solution out there, with the wealth of expertise in this forum, can someone help a brotha out? we're not worthy

Weirder and weirder... but yeah, I checked this comparing the Kickall output when triggered from the trigger button, a BSP and from my DFAM and using the DFAM trigger makes the Kickall sound more muted. No difference between BSP and trigger button.

No clue what to do about it, though... confused
We are investigating this issue at the moment. currently we know that this is cuased by the combination of 5v triggers (instead of healthy 10v ones) and narrow pulses (around 1 - 2 ms).

So amplifying the triggers will help, but there is a need to make the triggers wider.

From our side changing R100 to 100k and IC101 to an LF412 helps a bit.
We are working on a fix for our hardware to be inmune to this behaviour. Will update as soon as a defenitive fix is available.
Befaco is the best- I can't stress this enough.

At the risk of delaying my DIY GAS satisfaction when they drop new kits, due to them being a hot commodity- I must strongly endorse. I've built close to 700 HP of modules from a good portion of the manufacturers out there in the realm of DIYable eurorack. All kinds of shit arises when doing so, and I have had really great support from Befaco every time I've had any issues (mostly due to my own clunky skill-set FUUUCCKKKK!!! ). This, in combination with how musical (and fun) their gear is, I've gotta shout about it.

Thanks for your reply, and the more in-depth one given via e-mail. You are doing great work, and I respect your company's ethos in supporting the DIY spirit. Hats off to you for some the best designed, and flat out rockin' kit available. nanners
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