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Cirklon sync
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Author Cirklon sync

Sorry, I'm a bit lost with all these (great) modules.

I use an ES-3 and ES-6.

I need to clock a Cirklon using its DIN SYNC IN.

So, I need something to convert gates to din sync.

What is the easiest way to do it? Should I buy a ESx-8MD? Or is the cable adaptater enough? Sorry I never used midi/din sync before!


You can use SW Sync to generate the two signals required (clock and run/stop). You just need an adaptor cable from the ES-3. ALM make one.
I just realised it's a DIN SYNC OUT on Cirklon d'oh! d'oh!

However, Usamo should do the job properly.

Or any eurorack version of it?

Remember I have an ES-3 and ES-6
You can use an ES-5, plus either the DJ-1000 MIDI adaptor cable, or the ESX-8MD.
I'm confused with that DJ-1000 MIDI cable.

Why do I have to use as ES-5? Can't I use directly my ES-3?

Plus, how can 1 mono cable (DJ-1000 MIDI) can deal with start and stop signals?

Sorry to ask, I never had to use any midi sync before.
I suggest you google "MIDI clock" and read up on it.

The ES-3 itself won't generate the MIDI signals.
Ahhhh fff.. I was about to buy an ES-5...then I saw

"The ES-5 is intended to be used with the latter versions of the ES-3 (Mk2, Mk3 and Mk4) as the first version has no expansions headers which means you would have to solder."

I have a MK1 version. And no soldering skillz at all.

I ordered an USAMO... razz
Pfffff received my USAMO in 24h! eek!

I didn't know what to except...but I just plugged it, and it was on sync on the first try. Bim.

So easy I thought I was doing something wrong

Now I created a template in ableton using cirklon/vst/eurorack (ofc!) it's perfectly in sync!

The only pb, is when I add plug-in in ableton. It's like there is no compensation delay. Since it's not related to ES I won't comment here on it (but any help would be appreciated)

Anyway! I had an Innerclock couple of years ago. Worked perfectly with my MPC60. The Usamo is doing the same. Couldn't be more happier!

Many thanks os!
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